Direct Instruction Spoken English


Siegfried Engelmann, Daniel Johnston, Owen Engelmann, Jerry Silbert

This video series provides training for teachers who use the program Direct Instruction Spoken English (DISE) published by Sopris West.

The series consists of 13 videos and is presented by two of the DISE authors, Zig Engelmann and Jerry Silbert.

The first two videos (Part 1 and Part 2) introduce the program. No printed material accompanies these parts.

All other videos (Parts 3-13) have printable teacher-presentation scripts. Follow these rules:

1. Print the material for each part and follow along as Zig and Jerry go over each exercise.

2. Make notes on your copy of the lesson script.

3. Rehearse presenting lesson material for the early lessons before presenting it to your students.

Note: The printed material is copyrighted by Sopris West and is intended to be used for training purposes only.


Questions and Answers

Part 1: Introduction to Direct Instruction Spoken English

Part 2: Instruction to Direction Instruction Spoken English Part 2

Part 3: Lesson 1 (Exercise 1-3)

Part 4: Lesson 1: (Exercise 4 to End)

Part 5: Lesson 2 and
Lesson 3 (Excercise 1 to 6)

Part 6: Lesson 3 (Exercise 7 to End)

Part 7: Lesson 4

Part 8: Lesson 5

Part 9: Lesson 6

Part 10: Lesson 7

Part 11: Lesson 8

Part 12: Lesson 9

Part 13: Lesson 10
and Closing Remarks



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