Kindergarteners Showing Off
Their Math Skills

The Common Core Standards raise some questions about what kindergarten children are capable of learning in math. This video addresses both this question and the question of whether Zig Engelmann should be considered an authority about what pre-first-graders can learn. Most of the children in the film were taught by Zig for two school years. Two of the children were in the preschool only one year as kindergarteners.

Although the children don't have a large repertoire of number-facts, they demonstrate understanding of operations for solving the different types of problems Zig presents.

If the video is not in sync with the audio, download the file by clicking on the link below. The downloadable files are large and may take a while.

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Kindergarteners Showing Off Their Math Skills 1966 Uncut demonstration of at-risk children who were taught math by Zig Engelmann as four year olds and five year olds. The session was filmed in front of a class of college students in August with no rehearsal. Children work addition, subtraction, multiplication, division problems, basic algebra problems, fraction problems, area problems, factoring, and simple simultaneous equations.

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